This collection of sculpture, was all made at different times, but is rooted in a similar interest. These works are the result of an attempt to trace or externalize internal processes; feelings and impressions of things which do not exist in physical form. Such as the bonds that we experience in personal relationships, different kinds of affect, our impression of sensation, memory etc. Not that I am trying to represent these things, rather the absurdity of how these are things that only exist within ourselves and there is no way (and there will likely never be a way) to compare these internal experiences with others’ internal experiences. In a way, I consider material form, like a memory which re-creates itself each time it is called to experience, so I am making with my hands a visual and physical manifestation of the idea of memory and perception. It can get pretty weird thinking and talking about this phenomena, but at the same time I think most people don't get tired of grappling with the concept. At least I don’t, so I know there will be more work to come as a result.
Timeline V2