In much of my sculpture, I intuitively construct, carve and manipulate material, using formal considerations and impulse. I create emphasized points of tension, bizarre connections and specified forms, as metaphors for psychological/emotional balance, memory and different relationships with(in) the past and present. Currently, I am using mixed materials along with steel, in particular, wood, textiles, plaster and ceramics. I have been experimenting with mark-making on the surfaces of the wood, clay and steel by means of etching, painting and burning, to further define the forms.

Although my work appears largely non-representational, it does orbit a consistent theme. Certain forms and shapes that teeter on the familiar become personally symbolic and I often repeat them in many pieces. I also like to think of the material, the actual matter I manipulate, as a metaphor for how our memory and recollection of memory can change each time we enact it.